New Air-Liquid Interface Products at VITROCELL User Group Meeting 2024

June 21, 2024

Intensive experience exchange in Nice / France on 19 June 2024

We had an excellent meeting with our customers – one day before the LIVe Lung Conference organized by ALTERTOX and Epithelix.

The event offered a mix of insights on VITROCELL‘s product/application strategy and customer experiences with the products.

We thank all participants for the lively discussions and positive feedback on our performance!

The proposal to intensify an application-oriented dialogue by smaller workshops was taken up: we plan to start with a first workshop on VITROCELL Cloud applications at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) in the second half of 2024.



Highlights were the following new products and topics: 

  • VITROCELL Flow 4 
    Universal ALI single module platform for different insert sizes and brands: 6-, 12- and 24-well sized inserts as well as 35 mm Petri dishes. Designed for highest versatility.

  • VITROCELL Essentials
    Single module system for 12- and 24-well sized inserts with essential functionality.

  • VITROCELL AirTox Monitor  
    Exposure Station designed for automated exposure of lung cell cultures at the Air/Liquid Interface with full control of all relevant parameters such as temperature, humidity, exposure duration, and flows. 

  • VITROCELL Cloud Alpha Plate 
    Exposure System for liquid aerosols using 24- and 96-well HTS plates. With its modular design, this platform is prepared for higher throughput demands and enables rapid and efficient execution of experimental series. 

  • Latest tools for in vitro inhalation dosimetry
    Highlighting the inline Photometer 2.5

  • VITROCELL CalorQuanti 
    Non-invasive, real-time dosimetry. Particle deposition is analyzed with an innovative lock-in thermography. This technology allows to measure the heating of particles upon light irradiation on living cells directly at the air-liquid interface. 

    Ideal for exposure to small quantities of dry powder samples. Very user experiences with dry nanoparticles.

  • VITROCELL Exposures with Alveolix AX 12 lung-on.chip system 
    Application areas of complex mixtures such as next generation tobacco products, liquid and dry powder aerosols in pharmaceutical research.

  • Automated long-term cell culture exposure for 72 hours  
    Testing of environmental air 

Waldkirch, June 21, 2024

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