VITROCELL® Essentials

Simplifying in vitro exposures with essential functionality

Welcome to the world of VITROCELL® Essentials – where simplicity meets functionality. Our Essentials line is attentively designed for those who value streamlined efficiency and essential features driven by VITROCELL’s proven technology.

Perfect for budget-conscious customers, this product line offers reliable performance without the complexity and cost of our more sophisticated offerings.

Base module

Integrated Dilution and Distribution System

This fully integrated system enables the generation of varied aerosol concentrations and ensures even distribution across all exposed cell culture inserts.

Versatile Compatibility

Supports both 12 and 24 well sized inserts from numerous brands, enhancing its utility across different experimental setups.

Premium Build

Diamond finish inlets paired with the highest grade auto-clavable stainless steel construct for unmatched durability and ease of maintenance.

Optimal Control

The module maintains precise temperature control via a heated water bath, ensuring a stable environment.

Efficient Operation

Features a fixed inlet distance and an easy closing mechanism coupled with optimized sealing technology for enhanced operational efficiency.

Maintenance Simplicity

Designed for easy installation, quick setup, and fast cleaning.

Flexible Use

Offers 3 sham and 3 exposure positions, allowing for a diverse range of applications.


Humidification System

The humidification system provides a stable delivery of humidified dilution air.

Service and Support

Optional yearly „no worries“ V-CARE Support package


Outstanding price/performance ratio makes the Vitrocell® Essentials Exposure Module an ideal choice for labs seeking both quality and value.

Lowered Entry Barrier

This device significantly lowers the entry barrier into the air-liquid interface exposure world, making advanced scientific methods more accessible than ever.

Media Cover

Specifically designed for 12 and 24 well sized inserts to protect and maintain the integrity of your samples.

User-Friendly Design

Simplifies the processes of cleaning, setup, and sample handling, saving time and enhancing lab efficiency.

Commitment to Innovation

The VITROCELL® Essentials Exposure Module stands as an example of innovation, designed to meet the highest demands of our customers from the scientific community. With its convincing design and comprehensive feature set, it is an essential tool for achieving precise and reproducible results in various experimental scenarios.

Base module

Product Line Comparison

Feature Flow 4 Essentials
6 well sized inserts
12 well sized inserts
24 well sized inserts
Ames 35 mm Petri dishes
Microbalance (optional)
Heating method elctronically waterbath
Exposure positions 4 3
Clean Air positions 4 3
Compatible with Isokinetic sampling
Easy closing mechanism
Fixed Inlet distance
Humdification system
Media Cover (optional)
In situ humidity sensor (optional)
Integration into VC Monitor Software
Thermophoresis (optional)
Removable media compartments

More about Essentials

Aerosol exposure top

Exchangeable aerosol inlets ensure a versatile use of exposure module. The top and base modules incorporate integrated electrical heating.

Controlled inlet flow

VITROCELL® exposure systems have been specifically designed and engineered to give researchers the possibility of directly exposing mammalian cells or tissue at the air/liquid interface. Thus, all cell types cultivated on microporous membranes can be used. This approach allows for more credible and authentic results than by submerged exposure due to a closer replication of the human physiology.


  • Compact and efficient design
  • Cost effective solution
  • Fully integrated dilution and distribution system
  • Supports 12 and 24 well sized inserts of various brands
  • Diamond finish inlets
  • Media cover for 12 and 24 well sized inserts
  • 3 positions sham, 3 positions exposure
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Autoclavability, highest grade stainless steel
  • Temperature maintained via waterbath
  • Humidification of dilution and sham control air
  • Pre-set inlet for optimal distance
  • Easy closing mechanism
  • Optimized sealing technology


VITROCELL Essentials

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