Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

your global partner for in vitro exposure systems

You are investigating a comprehensive in vitro exposure system for inhalation toxicology or skin testing – we have the expertise and technology to support you. Intense collaboration with diverse in vitro project-teams and their specific research needs has been our dedication for over 20 years. This has enabled us to continuously advance to a global market-leadership in cutting-edge modules and customized systems for innovative in vitro research requirements.

Talk to us in confidence about your project and we will expertly match your needs with specifically configured module-systems to ensure your research success. Our experience in facilitating meaningful and significant in vitro research, allows us to provide you with a complete, efficient and tailored service from start to finish. Our mission is to assist the attainment of your research goal by working hand-in-hand with you.

This integral commitment to your research means you can count on us to propose optimally tailored components, provide turnkey installations, international training and a world-class service exactly to your requirements.


Official development partner for major national and international research programs

European Commission
Carbon Fibre Cycle

Why to choose VITROCELL®?

Highest quality products and our unique customer result-oriented service make each VITROCELL® solution a crucial investment for your future in vitro research.

Our advanced product developments are based on a wealth of experience gained from decades of collaboration with experts driving the field of in vitro research around the world.

From smaller starter kits to large, high-throughput installations - VITROCELL® will work with you for customized, cutting-edge solutions to your specific research needs.

Latest news from VITROCELL® Systems

Product News 02/2021

Product News 02/2021

The New VITROCELL® RH/T-Controller Reliable digital Humidity- and Temperature Measurement The VITROCELL® RH/T-Controller system was designed to...
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New Video: VITROCELL Cloud Alpha – Product Family Overview

New Video: VITROCELL Cloud Alpha – Product Family Overview

For virus research, testing of inhaled drugs, chemicals and nanoparticles at the Air/Liquid Interface (ALI). The systems are suitable for nebulized solutions and suspensions. The VITROCELL® Cloud α series is our newest innovation and presents a great leap forward in automated exposure of cell...
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Reliable in vitro Exposure Systems for Screening of  Antiviral Lead Compounds against...

Reliable in vitro Exposure Systems for Screening of Antiviral Lead Compounds against...

VITROCELL Application Note for Highly efficient and realistic application of aerosolized drugs to ­human cells of the respiratory tract under physiologic conditions In inhalation therapy, drugs are deposited as aerosols on cells of the respiratory tract from the nasal or lung region....
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