Smoking Robot VC 10

Fully automated smoking robot for conventional and electronic cigarettes.

The smoking machine VC 10® is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of whole smoke and aerosol generation for in vitro experiments. It is suitable for conventional and electronic cigarettes.

The VC 10® offers significant advantages over other commercial smoking machines.

For the success of an experiment with mainstream tobacco smoke it is important that the distance between the smoke generation (cigarette holders) and the VITROCELL® cell exposure system is as short as possible in order to avoid aging and to guarantee a smoke composition matching the real-life situation.
The robot is designed to allow easy access to all tubes, filters and the syringe system. Additional analytical equipment relevant to the experiment can be installed without difficulty by the operator.
The computer system allows highly flexible programming of the smoking process. Changing from single cigarette smoke to serial smoke mode for a defined number of cigarettes is possible. All parameters of the smoking process like puff duration, puff volume, puff frequency and exhaust duration can be defined according to the needs of the experiment.
The data of the smoking process are logged into an Excel® sheet for further processing.
The robot is divided into 3 major components: computer, control box and smoking platform. Only the smoking platform must be placed in the direct area of the experiment, the other components can be placed elsewhere in the lab.
In particular the work with unfiltered mainstream smoke demands frequent cleaning of all parts of the robot which are in contact with the smoke. Cleaning must take place after each experiment in order to avoid any influence of residual products on the following experiment. Due to the easy access to all parts the cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently.
The robot can be integrated with and connected to other lab systems, e. g. analytical or automation systems.
The robot meets the requirements of ISO 3308:2012 which assures a compatibility with data generated for quality assurance purposes on other smoking machines.
The robot meets the requirements for 55 ml/30 sec puff frequency requirements if the interchange option is purchased.
The VC 1 S-TYPE machine is built to the highest standards using reliable and durable components. Precision of the process is ensured by a linear motor drive for the piston.
All VC 1 S-TYPE machines are ­designed to be exceptionally ­service-friendly and have a secure internet-based remote servicing module.

VC 10 Operation


The standard magazine takes up to 20 cigarettes and larger versions are also available. They are suitable for storage in the climatization chamber for pre-conditioning of the cigarettes.

Automatic leak detector

There is the option to activate the leak detector prior to each experiment. The detector confirms the tightness of the system including cigarette holders and pump. The results are logged in the study files.

Loading unit

The loading of the cigarettes into the cigarette holders takes place fully automatically and without damage to the cigarette. The cigarette holders are equipped with labyrinth seals as required by ISO 3308:2012.

Special Holder System for e-Cigarettes

Secure and tight connection of any puff-actuated device.

Option: VITROCELL Vapestarter

Innovative solution for smoking machines: automatic button activation of e-cigarettes.

Ignition and smoking


 The electric lighter ensures the automatic ignition and a safe procedure without cigarette damage.

Syringe drive

 The syringe pump is controlled by a linear motor with high precision. The pump can be dismantled for cleaning and refitted again in a few minutes.

Stepper motor for rotation of port holder

 The rotation of the port holder is controlled by a stepper motor with highest precision.

Cambridge filter

The Cambridge filter can be mounted easily into the system for analytical purposes.

Smoking and butt extraction

Hood for sidestream smoke evacuation

 The integrated fan evacuates the sidestream smoke. The air flow at the cigarette holders is adjusted by the fan speed.

Butt length sensor

 The IR-sensor can be adjusted to a fraction of a millimeter and transmits reliable signals to the pump and butt extractor. If the critical butt length is reached, the pump stops immediately. Alternatively, it is also possible to work with a defined number of puffs.

Butt extractor

 The cigarette is forwarded to the extraction position and removed from the holder. The ashtray is kept permanently clean with a brush.

Software and Controls

Smoking parameters

The operation is controlled by Beckhoff software in conjunction with Microsoft Windows 10®. This setup offers extensive possibilities for integration with common Microsoft Office® applications and the exchange of data with Excel®-sheets.

> puff volume: up to 200 mL
> puff frequency: 4 – 250 s
> puff duration: 0.1 – 15 s
> puff exhaust duration: 0.5 – 15 s
> number of cigarettes per run: 300
> number of puffs: 1-250
> smoking modes: single, cycle, serial
> profiles: bell, square, human
> Single, cycle and serial mode
> Pre-loading mode
> Lighter off mode
> Cycle mode with system purging after each cycle

Technical Data

  • Dimensions electrical control box: 600 x 300 x 600 mm (L x W x H); 24 x 12 x 24 inches
  • Dimensions smoking platform: 1000 x 600 x 300 mm (L x W x H) / (height without hood); 40 x 24 x 12 inches
  • Power supply: 1 x 230 V, 50/60 Hz , 16 A
  • Compressed air: Operating pressure 6 bar (87 psi); system pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Remote service module: Included / Internet access mandatory
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