VITROCELL® Skin Aerosol Max

For the exposure of tissue to aerosols and gaseous compounds.

The VITROCELL® Aerosol Max module is a unique system with 8 chambers for tissue to aerosols and gaseous compounds. The base module and covers are made of high-quality stainless steel. This module is a superior alternative to Franz cells.

The Aerosol Max module is used for samples with surface of approx. 4.9 cm2.

Basic Modules with 8 single Aerosol Exposure Tops

The aerosol inlet stream flows through specifically shaped inlets. Aerosol inlets are connected to the VITROCELL® distribution or dilution systems. VITROCELL® calibration valves, which are connected to a vacuum pump, control flow rates over the issue effectively. The aerosol exposure tops feature an in/outlet for heating the water circuit, ensuring corresponding temperatures with the base module.

For automation of the sampling process please refer to the VITROCELL® Skin Autosampler.

Skin Max module illustration

The skin module is used for samples with a surface smaller than approx 4.9 cm2. The unique tissue holders have been specifically designed to enable tight and reliable skin fixation. Alternatively, cell culture inserts may be used.

Skin Max Module Compartment

The standard volume for receptor fluid is 4 ml. The receptor fluid can be manually or automatically sampled by means of the VITROCELL® Skin Autosampler.

Skin Max Module Compartment

Skin Aerosol Max with 8 individual Aerosol Exposure Tops and their respective holders on the rack.


  • Aerosol Exposure Tops
  • Durable and long lasting design
  • Permanent or static fluid supply
  • Integrated water bath heating circuit
  • Suitable for various tissue thicknesses
  • Tissue diameter: 50 mm
  • Tissue exposure surface diameter: 25 mm
  • Option: magnetic stirrers
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VITROCELL® Skin Aerosol Max

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