VITROCELL® Shisha Testing Device

Testing of water pipe tobacco according to ISO 22486

The new device is designed for machine smoking of water pipe tobacco. It is used in combination with the renowned VC 1 Smoking Machine featuring an increased puff volume.

Emissions of water pipe tobacco may be used for chemical analysis or in vitro exposure. The device can be combined with any VITROCELL® Exposure System. All parameters such as puff volume, frequency, puff duration and puff profiles are set according to ISO. The water pipe head is made of ceramics and can be operated either with charcoal or electrical heating.

Integrated electrical heating device
Useful tools for charcoal operation
Heating via charcoal

The manual smoking machine VC 1 is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of in vitro experiments and analytical testing. The machine is suitable for conventional and elec­tronic cigarettes as well as for testing of water pipes (shishas).

For higher puff volumes it is possible to equip the machine with different cylinder sizes (200, 300 and 600 ml) without compromising the accuracy of the puff profile. The essential requirement for the ­“Shisha smoking” application is a significant larger puff volume of up to 600 ml.

The conversion procedure to the higher/smaller cylinder size is possible within less than 10 minutes. The Shisha option is designed for an easy upgrade of an already existing VC 1 smoking machine.

Controller for electrical heating with touchscreen display
Ceramic head with tobacco holder and tamper
VITROCELL® VC 1 Smoking Machine with increased puff volume

Technical Data

  • Dimensions without racks: 565 x 225 x 902 mm (L x W x H)
  • Voltage: 110–120 V, 140 W, 5 A


  • Puff duration: 2.6 s ± 0.1 s
  • Puff volume: 530 ml ± 10 ml
  • Puff frequency: 20 s ± 0.5 s
  • Square puff profile
  • Electrical heating: 280 °C ± 10 °C
  • User-friendly temperature control unit
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VITROCELL® Shisha Testing Device

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