Cylinder  /  Bag  / Mixing System

Supply via cylinder, sampling bag or dynamic mixing system.

Gases and mixtures in various concentrations and specifications can be purchased from gas supply companies. The cylinders must have pressure and flow regulators. They can be connected to the VITROCELL distribution system which then delivers the gases or mixtures to the VITROCELL module.

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Sampling bag

A sampling bag can be easily and directly connected to the module using the VITROCELL® SPIDER. The bag can be filled from various sources. If samples must be taken from the indoor/outdoor environment, VITROCELL® offers a special vacuum filling system for the sampling bag which is then transferred to the laboratory. This procedure is not suitable if the test atmosphere contains particles. If the collection of complex mixtures containing particles is required, contact us directly for an individual solution.

Dynamic Gas Mixing System

There are various options to create individual mixtures with different dose levels. With the VITROCELL® Dynamic Gas Mixing System, it is possible to generate different dilutions of the test aerosol.

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Cylinder  /  Bag  / Mixing System

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