For cell culture exposure to smallest ­quantities of dry powders

PowderX allows for aerosolisation of small quantities of dry powders and particle deposition on cells cultured on 12- or 24-well sized inserts.

The system features biological barrier integration and continuous sampling from the basolateral compartment.

Working Principle

  • Powder sample is placed in quick-lock loading system.
  • Expansion chamber and base module are tightly sealed by touchscreen operation.
  • Powder sample is aerosolized under high pressure to break up agglomerates for homogeneous dispersion in the expansion chamber.
  • Powder sample settles on cell cultures.

More about VITROCELL PowderX

Base Module

The base module is prepared for continuous or time-based sampling from the media compartment.


Base module houses 12- (left) or 24-well sized inserts (right). All commercial brands are supported.

Loading System

Quick-lock loading system open (left) and closed (right).

Expansion Chamber

Medium size expansion chamber – standby (left) and sealed (right).


  • Easy handling
  • Only small quantities of powder needed (5–100 mg)
  • No external airflow required
  • Exposure time < 30 minutes
  • Optional continuous media supply or media sampling
  • Optional magnetic stirring for media compartment
  • Intuitive user experience with touchscreen operation


PowderX Function Principle

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