Sidestream Chamber

For testing and dilution of atmospheric substances

This highly developed system guides airborne substances and particles from a singular aerosol inlet point to the inlets of the exposure modules. The special delivery path using 2 heated chambers ensures optimized aerosol transportation and dilution.

In the standard version, the test atmosphere enters the first chamber at a regulated flow rate of 50 – 150 m3/h. Optional VITROCELL® Particle Photometers can be used to monitor the particle concentrations. An isokinetic probe guides the sample flow to the second chamber. The atmosphere can then be diluted with up to 6.7 l/min of clean air resulting in a total maximum flow rate of 12.5 l/min.

The samples progress to the exposure module at 5 ml/min by means of isokinetic probes, the surplus is expelled. The entire system is heated in order to avoid condensation and to ensure that the chemical properties of specific test substances are maintained. It can be combined with VITROCELL 6 and VITROCELL 12 modules.

Aerosol sampling
Exhaust 2
Exhaust 1
Heated aerosol chamber 2
Heated aerosol chamber 1
Aerosol inlet
Dilution System


  • Reduction of high flows of test atmosphere by means of isokinetic sampling
  • Integrated dilution system
  • Heating capability
  • Optimized distribution to module positions
  • Combinable with VITROCELL® 6 and VITROCELL® 12 series
  • Optional monitoring of test atmosphere using VITROCELL® Particle Photometers
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Sidestream Chamber

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