VITROCELL® 4-Jet BioAerosol Generator

For liquids, proteins, bacteria, microorganisms
with minimal sample volume and low flow rates

The VITROCELL® 4-Jet BioAerosol Generator has been specifically developed and engineered for applications where the test substance must be dosed in smallest quantities. This is performed using a peristaltic pump.

It works at low air flows of e. g. 0.4 - 4 l/min. and has a small dead space. The aerosol concentration can be adjusted by either adjusting the liquid flow rate, changing the air flow rate or by adding the integrated dilution system.

The 4-Jet BioAerosol Nebulizing Generator can be ­connected to the VITROCELL® Isokinetic Distribution ­System for the uniform transport of the aerosol to the exposure chambers.

4-Jet BioAerosol Nebulizing Generator
Diffusion Dryer (option)
BioAerosol Nebulizing Generator can be connected to Isokinetic Distribution System (option)


  • Nebulizing clean liquids, solutions and suspensions
  • Ideal for proteins, bacteria, microorganisms or ­pharmaceutical compounds
  • Particle diameter approx. 0.7 to 2.5 µm
  • Low air flow rates of 0.4 – 4 l/min
  • Exact liquid dosing via precision pump (feed rate 0.1 – 6 ml/min)
  • Integrated Dilution System
  • Optional diffusion drying system
  • Easy cleaning
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VITROCELL® 4-Jet BioAerosol Generator

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