VITROCELL® Photometer 2.5

A big step forward in photometric dosimetry

VITROCELL® Photometers have always provided precise, loss-free particle concentration measurements at low flow rates. Supported by easy-to-use software, these devices demonstrate our commitment to enhancing aerosol measurement technology.

Our newest version, Photometer 2.5, is a significant update to this. We achieved enhanced robustness and connectivity by switching to pure digital data transfer via USB-C. Featuring pre-adjusted delivery and self-identification, Photometer 2.5 makes it much easier to prepare and document your experiments in compliance with good laboratory practices (GLP). This also makes your results directly comparable world-wide, without the need to conversion or harmonisation.

VITROCELL® Photometers were specifically designed and developed to enable online measurements of particle concentrations at the inlets and/or outlets of the aerosol exposure top.

They are capable of measuring inline at very low flow-rates (e. g. 5 ml/min.) without any particle losses. The photometer measures a mere 62 mm in diameter. The photometers can be supplied with a control box and PC software for convenient read-outs.

More about Photometer / Software

Photometer Control Box and Software

The photometers are supplied with a control box for 4 Photo­meters and the VITROCELL® Monitor Software for convenient read-outs. The software features an area-under-curve function for easy determination of the total particle exposure. A calibration factor function enables a mass calculation per time units.

Monitor Software

The VITROCELL® Monitor software is capable to record 5 different parameters:

  • Deposition on the VITROCELL® QCM
  • Concentration of Aerosols measured by the VITROCELL® Photometer
  • Carbon monoxide concentration
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

The software supports multiscreen use. By undocking charts from the main window they can be placed free in size and position or on a second screen.

GLP Edition

VITROCELL® Monitor software GLP Edition was developed for laboratories operating under GLP conditions. This software upgrade assures tracability to high standards.

Example Application – VC 1 Smoking Machine

The Photometer can be connected to a VC 1 Smoking Machine. It is monitoring the aerosol concentration puff-by-puff. TPM for chemical analysis is collected on a 44 mm Cambridge filter pad.

Photometer Features

  • Inline measurement with online read-out
  • No losses of mass
  • Extremely small (62 mm diameter)
  • Easy cleaning of aerosol path
  • 2 base sensitivities with fine adjustments in 4 levels
  • Push-in or vacuum flow operation
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