AirTox Monitor

Highest automation and reproducibility

The VITROCELL® AirTox Monitor is designed for automated exposure of lung cell cultures at the Air/Liquid Interface with full control of all relevant parameters such as temperature, humidity, exposure duration and flows.

Special focus was set to minimize the needed lab space and increase reproducibility in a lab environment with frequently changing staff.

The VITROCELL® AirTox Monitor ensures this reproducibility by a user-friendly control software. All relevant process steps of the cell exposure are automatically prepared and relevant parameters such as temperature, humidity and flow rates are exactly controlled to target values of the recipes.

A high degree of automation and user guidance ensures reproduceable conditions day-by-day independent of the operator or location.

For increased flexibility in the experimental setup, the system can be connected to a wide range of aerosol sources. The new adaptable PM inlet offers defined ranges of particle sizes to the exposure module. Flow rates can be adjusted according to the sensitivity of the cell culture system.

User guidance

The control software is operated via an industrial tablet PC and provides an intuitive operation of the system. The system carries out all process steps automatically and supports the operator with step-by-step instruction for all steps from preparation to experiment and post processing.

Exposure modules

The base module accepts up to 6 cell culture inserts, three for the exposure to humidified clean air and three for the exposure to aerosol. An additional analytic module can be equipped with various/appropriate dosimetry options. Temperature is controlled by a water bath and ensures controlled environment. The aerosol tubes are connected with quick connectors to the aerosol inlets for fast and secure connection. The sample flows are controlled by mass flow controllers, with data recording for later analysis.


For high repeatability, the aerosol is sampled isokinetically from the main flow. This is the method of choice for reproducible and representative sampling according to guideline VDI 2066 and standard literature. With the new adaptable isokinetic sampling unit, a set of flow parings is now available.

Main flow (l/min) Sample flow (ml/min)
- 100 50 25
8.33 -

Adaptable PM inlet

The VITROCELL® adaptable PM inlet separates different fractions of the aerosol before the aerosol is guided into the AirTox Monitor. Depending on the desired particle size and the amount of aerosol available, the PM inlet can be equipped with different nozzle plates.

PM Flow rates l/min (m3/h)
- 16.67 (1) 8.33 (0.5) 6 (0.36)

Analytic Modules / Dosimetry

The VITROCELL 6/1 module is specially made to integrate a variety of dosimetry technologies available at VITROCELL for example:

  • QCM
  • TEM Insert
  • Photometer
  • Dosimetry insert for chemical trapping

Easy and swift maintenance

Service trays on the front and back side of the system ensure quick and easy access to filter elements, mass flow controllers or condensate tanks. Slide doors on the front and back side provide easy and quick access to the exposure modules, aerosol tubing, filter unit and aerosol reactor.

Complete system

The complete system with AirTox Monitor, control cabinet, water baths and cart (optional).

Techincal specification

Dimensions: AirTox Monitor: 760 x 1056 x 600
AirTox Monitor with Cart: 1720 x 1200 x 750
External control cabinet: 600 x 600 x 250
(height x width x depth in mm)
Weight: 300 kg (with cart and control cabinet)
Power supply: 230 V (0.8 kW), 50 Hz for external control cabinet AirToxMonitor
3 x 230 V (1kW), 50 Hz for water bath (humidification aerosol and clean air, tempering exposure modules)
other voltages upon request
Compressed air: working pressure 6 bar (87 psi)
max. consumption 7 l/min
Main Flow: 0-16.67 l/min / 0-1 m3/h


  • Direct aerosol sampling
  • Adaptable PM Inlet
  • Adaptable Isokinetic Sampling
  • Exposure durations up to 24h
  • Dosimetry tools (QCM, TEM-Insert, Trapping)
  • Intuitive HMI with user guidance
  • High day to day reproducibility
  • Easy and swift maintenance
  • Flow control by mass flow controller
  • Compact and fully automated solution
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