VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha Plate

Interchangeable base modules for 24- and 96-well HTS plates

The latest innovation of the VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha can now be equipped with 24-well and 96-well HTS plates. With its modular design, this advanced platform is tailored for higher throughput demands and enables a rapid and efficient execution of experimental series.

Developed on the foundation of the renowned VITROCELL® Cloud formats, this latest member of the Cloud Alpha Family signifies a significant advancement in experimental flexibility, by enabling users to expose either 24- or 96-positions with minimal test substance investment.

Potential applications range from testing chemicals, nanoparticles, viruses, bacteria, as well as coating plastic inserts, transfecting cell populations in HTS formats, and preconditioning cells with the desired test substance.

It is our innovation and presents a great leap forward in automated exposure of cell cultures at the Air/Liquid Interface (ALI).

In response to the scientific need to expose in physiologically relevant conditions, the VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha exposure devices have been specifically designed to enable direct exposure of mammalian cells or tissue at the Air/Liquid Interface. Here the cell cultures are not covered with media as opposed to submerged conditions which cause an undesired inter­action of the formerly airborne substances with the culture media.

Cell systems cultivated on membrane inserts are exposed at the Air/Liquid Interface (ALI) so that the test substances are received directly. This approach allows for more credible and authentic results than by submerged exposure due to a closer replication of the human physiology.

Exposure at the Air/Liquid Interface

Air/Liquid Cultivation
and Exposure in Exposure Module

A: Direct and controlled ­exposure of test ­atmosphere to cells
B: Cells on membrane
C: Media below cells

More about VITROCELL Cloud Alpha Plate

Dosimetry using Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)

The sQCM 12 sensor seamlessly integrates into the Cloud Alpha Plate exposure module. It offers precision measurement of deposited mass, down to nanograms/cm2.

All results are logged within the VITROCELL® Monitor software., where they are presented graphically and can be effortlessly exported as .csv files for for further analysis.

Choice of three types of nebulizers

VITROCELL® offers a selection of three types of vibrating mesh nebulizers, each with specific droplet MMAD ranges: 2.5–6.0 µm, 2.5–4.0 µm, and 4.0–6.0 µm. An advanced version is also available with a range of 9.0–12.0 µm. This versatility makes it particularly suitable for testing whenever limited quantities of testing materials are available.

HTS Transwell 24- and 96-well Plate

Developed with the focus on streamlined workflows

The fully modular design of VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha Plate Version allows for the rapid and efficient execution of experimental series. Users benefit from the removable, easy to clean reservoir trays. These precisely manufactured, stainless-steel parts allow for aerosol deposition without significant influence from electrostatic effects and are compatible with all commercially available HTS Transwell geometries.

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      • Suitable for nebulization of solutions and suspensions
      • Higher throughput in using HTS plates
      • Uniformly distributed Cloud exposure of cells in 24- and 96-well HTS plates
      • Base modules made of stainless steel for minimized electrostatic effects
      • Optional sQCM 12 microbalance
      • Optional PowerVent function: evacuation of residual aerosols via vacuum pump
      • Designed for screening of inhaled drugs, toxicity testing of inhaled substances such as chemicals or nanoparticles and virus research


      VITROCELL Cloud Alpha Plate – Interchangeable base units for 24- and 96-well HTS plates

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