Microbalance Sensors / Software

High precision mass determination in ng resolution.

Microbalance Sensor For Real-Time Dose Monitoring


The microbalance sensor can be fitted in all VITROCELL® installations. It is capable of measuring the deposited mass in the module at a resolution of 10 nanogram/cm2 per second.

The sensors can be placed in all medium compartments to validate mass deposition in the module. After validation, they may be removed so that the experiment can be carried out using the cell culture inserts. Alternatively, one microbalance sensor can remain in the module to monitor the dose during exposure. The remaining compartments of the module are used for cell culture inserts.

VITROCELL® Microbalance Sensor - optimal for dose-response measurement.

Optional microbalance sensor in 7th position of the VITROCELL® 48 PLUS
Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor in Cloud Alpha MAX
VITROCELL® 6 module series with integrated microbalance sensor
Microbalance Sensor For Real-Time Dose Monitoring


The VITROCELL® sQCM 12 is the next step in the evolution of dosimetry methods in cell culture exposure systems. It simplifies the usage of conventional Quartz Crystal Microbalances suitable for VITROCELL® 12 modules while maintaining the working principle, precision and accuracy of the balances you’re used to.

We have redesigned the entire sensor from scratch, enabling not only extremely high stability and exact measurements, but also eliminating the need for tools during service and cleaning for maximum user-friendliness.

Tool free crystal-replacement through bayonet connection of the sensor parts.
sQCM mounted in VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha 12 module.
The new designed oscillator.

More about Microbalance Sensors / Software

VITROCELL® Microbalance Software - Standard edition

With the advanced VITROCELL® software, deposition data in ng/cm2 for max. 9 microbalances is attainable online. The data is logged into a .csv file, which can be opened with Excel®.

Advanced VITROCELL® Dosimetry Software - Combined view

With the advanced VITROCELL® Dosimetry Software deposition data in ng/cm2 of up to 8 microbalance sensors as well as for 8 photometers is made attainable in a combined view.

Options for 5 Parameters

The VITROCELL® Monitor software is capable to record 5 different parameters:

  • Deposition on the VITROCELL® QCM
  • Concentration of Aerosols measured by the VITROCELL® Photometer
  • Carbon monoxide concentration
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

The software supports multiscreen use. By undocking charts from the main window they can be placed free in size and position or on a second screen.

GLP Edition

VITROCELL® Monitor software GLP Edition was developed for laboratories operating under GLP conditions. This software upgrade assures tracability to high standards.


  • Online measurement of particle dose in ng/cm2
  • User-friendly mounting
  • Supplied as turnkey system


Working principle of Microbalance Sensor

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Microbalance Sensors / Software

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