VITROCELL® CalorQuanti

Innovative optical dosimetry tool for real-time deposition monitoring

The latest innovation of online dosimetry assessment was developed in a joint project of NanoLockin and VITROCELL®.

The new CalorQuanti can be used to optically analyze the particle dose in VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha Systems or as standalone unit. It uses an innovative lock-in thermography system, which allows to measure the heating of particles upon light irradiation. The amount of heat produced can be correlated to the deposited dose.

More about VITROCELL CalorQuanti

Function Principle

  • Laser pulses light on ALI
  • Particles and cells emit different IR-radiation
  • Lock-in thermography allows for analysis of temperatures differences in the mK range
  • The measured heat can be correlated to the particle concentration


  • Allows for non-invasive, real-time dosimetry
  • Particle deposition is measured on living cells, directly at the air-liquid interface
  • Does not sacrify a cell culture position in the exposure system
  • Capable of analyzing particle types with darker color: combustion particles (e.g., diesel and aircraft emissions), tire wear particles, metal particles, break wear particles, carbon particles (graphene, carbon black and nanotubes)
  • Also available as standalone version
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