VITROCELL® Photonion

Fast on-line measuring system for chemical gas analysis

Photonion has developed a new on-line real-time measuring system for chemical gas analysis based on time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOF-MS). This technology is now integrated in the VITROCELL® modules in order to analyse the sampling at the spot where the cells are exposed.

Three different ionization techniques are applicable:

  • single photon ionization (SPI) with a special VUV
  • excimer source or laser VUV source
  • resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) with a laser beam
  • electron impact ionization (EI).

SPI and REMPI are considered as soft ionization techniques allowing the acquisition of mass spectra with nearly no fragmentation. A heated transfer line allows direct gas analysis of e. g. engine exhaust, cigarette smoke or e-cigarette vapors.

Gaseous samples are addressed continuously by the Photo-TOF-MS mass spectrometry system at a flow rate of approx. 2mL/min. Depending on the ionization technique various relevant species can be ionized by SPI, REMPI or EI. After the ionization, the formed ions are accelerated into the reflectron time-of-flight mass analyzer where they are separated due to their different mass to charge ratios.

A typical TOF mass spectrum can be generated in some milliseconds.This fast on-line measurement system is a selective and sensitive analytical method to investigate complex gas mixtures such as from combustion processes.

More about VITROCELL Photonion

Unique flexible heated transfer line

and customized sampling solution for the VITROCELL exposure module.

VUV-photo ionization (SPI)

Universal soft ionization of organic compounds

VUV lamp with 10,78eV (126nm) or Nd:YAG laser with third harmonic generation VUV-cell with 10.5eV (118nm)

  • detection limits for most organics in ppb region

Laser-photo ionization (REMPI)

Superior selectivity and sensitivity for aromatics (optional)

Fixed frequency (266 or 248nm) or tunable lasers (OPO) in wavelengths range 206nm-300nm

  • detection limits for most aromatics in low ppb or ppt region

Electron ionization (EI)

Standard fragmenting ionization technique (optional)

70eV for mass spectra with standard fragmentation (NIST) or tunable from 5eV to 90eV (special setup)

  • detection limits in ppm - ppb range

Multiplexing ionization mode (MIM)

Achieving SPI, REMPI and EI results simultaneously (optional)

The ionization methods (REMPI/EI/SPI) can be operated quasi-simultaneously via multiplexed acquisition methods.

Technical Data

TOF-mass analyzer

  • Direct reflection time of flight mass spectrometer (flight path 0.9 m)
  • Mass range: 10 – 2000 Th (m/z) (standard configuration)
  • Mass resolution: m/Δm = 2000
  • Linear dynamic range: 104
  • Mass accuracy: 100ppm
  • Maximal primary data acquisition rate: 100 kHz

Rack configuration

  • 2x19”-module rack
  • Dimensions 1.200 x 800 x 1.300 mm (W x D x H)
  • Power supply 100-230V, 50/60Hz

Data acquisition and visualization software

  • data is displayed in real time
  • actual measured mass spectra and the variation of selected ions is displayed
  • Data can be exported (formats e.g.: txt, CSV)
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