Product News 06/2023: Exposure of Lung Cells to Liquid Aerosols at the Air/Liquid Interface: New VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha TRIO

June 26, 2023

Good Things Come in Threes: This latest member of the Cloud Alpha family features the delivery of three different aerosol concentrations or three different substances in one experiment. The latter procedure is particularly interesting for users which need to test and compare larger numbers of different substances.

The new Cloud Alpha TRIO is capable to expose mammalian cell cultures in 12-and 24-well sized inserts. The Cloud system is suitable for nebulization of solutions and suspensions. Fields of application are screening of inhalable drugs, assessing the toxicity of inhaled substances like chemicals or nanoparticles, and conducting research on viruses.

Each aerosol exposure compartment has its dedicated Quartz Crystal Microbalance to assess the deposited particle mass in ng/cm².

The VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha TRIO is a versatile instrument to expose your lung or skin cell cultures at the Air/Liquid Interface with increased throughput.

Feel free to explore our new Cloud Alpha TRIO brochure and our new product page Cloud Alpha TRIO Page

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