VITROCELL at the CORESTA Conference of the Smoke Science and Product Technology Sub-Groups (SSPT2023), 08-12 October 2023

September 25, 2023


REVIEW: Sunrise for NAMs

NAMs (New Approach Methods) are in vitro and in silico or computational-based methodologies in toxicology that enable clinically relevant toxicological risk assessments without needing traditional animal testing. The interest and need to utilize NAMs in tobacco science become ever more relevant, with many different categories of smoke-free alternative products being introduced worldwide.

In the NAMs symposium with invited expert toxicologists from industry and FDA two presentations were held using VITROCELL equipment:

Dr. Brian Keyser from Reynolds American Inc. Service Company presented an MatTek Life Sciences “EpiAirway™ Nrf2” oxidative stress model: Practical application of in vitro systems with clinical relevance. For this work the “VC 10 Smoking Robot” in combination with “VC 48 12-well High Throughput System” was used.

Dr. Shigeaki Ito from Japan Tobacco used a VITROCELL “VC 10 S-Type Smoking Robot” in combination with the “VC 24/48 Exposure System” for his research on COPD AOP-II: In vitro assessment of mucus hypersecretion with quantitative AOP modeling. Results of exposing Lonza HBEC primary Epithelial Cells from 6 different donors with immune cells were shown.

In the afternoon session 3 posters were presented by Labcorp Early Development Laboratories Ltd:

<< In vitro cytotoxicity and mechanistic insight from Epithelix MucilAir™ and SmallAir™ tissues exposed to cigarette smoke and next-generation products >>
(Michael Hollings; Emma Rothwell; Sophie Martin; Andrew Daunt; Gail Freiberg; Rob Bedford)

<< In vitro micronucleus in V79 cells using MicroFlow – treatment at the air liquid interface with aerosol from three different nicotine containing products >>
(Emma Rothwell; Gina Smith; Sophie Martin; Michael Hollings)

<< Validation of the Vitrocell HTP 2.0+ 12 well mammalian module for assessing cigarettes, ENDS, and eHTPs: evaluation of dilution airflow, dose resolution, and dose repeatability >>
(Adam Seymour; Emma-Rothwell; Sophie Martin; Michael Hollings)

We thank the authors and presenters for their successful work!

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