VITROCELL at the AEROSOLS AND MICROBIOLOGY, June 04-06, 2024 at Bristol, United Kingdom

March 5, 2024

VITROCELL will participate in the AEROSOLS AND MICROBIOLOGY, June 04-06, 2024 at Bristol, United Kingdom.

Aerosols and microbiology combined sharply during recent pandemics integrating the interfaces of microbiology, aerobiology, atmospheric sciences and aerosol science. The conference seeks to bring multiple disciplines together into one space, at the same time, supporting new collaboration across industry, academia within the UK and abroad setting the aerobiology scene for the future.

The conference spans all aspects of aeromicrobiology to connect public health, agriculture, veterinary and biodefence scientists. Key topics explore characterisation of bioaerosol source, aerosol transport and transmission, detection, control and mitigations (both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical). Promotion of aerobiological standards provides researchers in the field with background knowledge on the microorganisms, and importantly the impact of physical and chemical aspects of aerosol behaviour.

We anticipate exciting sessions on emerging topics such as impact of climate and pollution on microorganisms and transmission, the environmental aeromicrobiome, and aerosols as initiators of biofilms. A running theme will be prioritising novel techniques to support expansion of experimental and modelling tools, for example advances in molecular and ‘omic approaches will likely provide step-wise changes in aerobiology understanding.

For more detailed information please visit the following page: AEROSOLS AND MICROBIOLOGY 2024

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