Presentation of new Smoking Machine VITROCELL VC 10® S-TYPE

June 15, 2015

This smoking machine features all special requirements for high-class research: compliance with ISO, Health Canada and square puff profile protocols as well as ease of handling, fast cleaning and high speed product change capabilities.

The smoking robot VITROCELL VC 10® and manual smoking machine VC 1 are widely used systems for the evaluation of conventional and e-cigarettes. Based upon extensive application experience in whole smoke and aerosol research, VITROCELL® has extended it’s product family for smoking machines by creating the versatile and easy-to-use automatic smoking machine VC 10® S-TYPE.

Features are:

  • Platform concept with docking stations
  • Large magazine for 300 cigarettes enabling long test runs
  • New contact-free lighter using hot air
  • New smoking head with small dead volume and integrated butt ejector
  • Quick-lock holder system for all types of conventional and e-cigarettes
  • Machine-controlled button actuator for e-cigarettes
  • Heated smoke path system
  • New multiple exhaust port system
  • Scalable to up to 3 syringe drives
  • Entire product change cleaning in < 10 min (with a few prepared exchange parts)

 Click here for VC 10 S-TYPE product presentation

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