Cerium oxide nanoparticles air exposure: a comparison study using a human 3D airway model and A549 and Beas-2B cell lines

March 27, 2014

24-27 March, 2014

Ingeborg M. Kooter1, Mariska Grollers-Mulderij1, Maaike Steenhof1, Evert Duistermaat2, Frederique van Acker2, Yvonne Staal2, Eric Schoen1, Rob Stierum1, Linette Pellis1, Frieke Kuper1

1 The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, TNO, Zeist, The Netherlands
2 TNO Triskelion, Zeist, the Netherlands

Exposition of nano and macro particles on 3D lungcell models in comparison to normal lung cell lines in the air-liqid interface. Differentially effects are shown in the endpoints HO1, IL8, LDH, Comet Assay and gene expression.

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