Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

Smallest nebulization volumes and high deposition efficiency


The VITROCELL® Cloud MAX is designed for lower nebulization volumes and very high deposition efficiency.

This is important when only small quantities of material are available or when expensive test substances need to be tested.
The non-cell exposed area is reduced significantly by direct nebulization into exposure chambers with reduced chamber volume.
A set of 3 nebulizers allows for ­simultaneous testing of ­3 ­concentrations, or a combination of Microblance, control liquid and ­suspension of the test substance.

VITROCELL® Cloud MAX Phase 1

Phase 1 - Emission of Cloud

VITROCELL® Cloud MAX Phase 2

Phase 2 - Homogeneous Mixing

VITROCELL® Cloud MAX Phase 3

Phase 3 - Gravitational Settling



  • Lowest nebulization volumes (< 30 µl per exposure and well)
  • High deposition efficiency
  • Cloud dynamics by vibrating mesh nebulizers
  • Easy handling with no external air-flow required
  • High reproducibility
  • Air Liquid Interface (ALI) exposure
  • Direct and efficient guidance of substance exposure to the cells
  • 80, 40, 20, 10 mm tube length
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