Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

VITROCELL® Cloud ALI Starter Kit
For the exposure to liquid aerosols


This system is specifically designed for dose-controlled and spatially uniform deposition of liquid aerosols on cells cultured at the air/liquid interface. The aerosol is applied during a short time of approx. 3 minutes. The setup is designed for 6, 12 and 24-well sized inserts. The cultivation module is made of electropolished stainless steel. It can be heated by water circuit with an optional water bath.

VITROCELL® Cloud System Phase 1
Phase 1 - Emission of Cloud
VITROCELL® Cloud System Phase 2
Phase 2 - Homogeneous Mixing
VITROCELL® Cloud System Phase 3
Phase 3 - Gravitational Settling
for 6-well sized inserts
for 6-well sized inserts
for 12-well sized inserts
for 12-well sized inserts
for 24-well sized inserts
for 24-well sized inserts


  • Exposure system for liquid aerosols
  • High droplet output rate - cloud dynamics
  • No external air-flow required (simple)
  • No humidity control required
  • Dose-controlled and spatially uniform aerosol deposition
  • Small residual volume in nebulizer reservoir
  • Clinically relevant
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