Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

VITROCELL® AMES 48 for 35 mm Petri dishes

VITROCELL® AMES 48 for 35 mm Petri dishes

The VITROCELL® AMES 48 module system has been specifically designed and engineered to facilitate the research of bacteria in direct exposure to airborne substances such as gases, complex mixtures, nanoparticles and fibers.

Only 1 system is required: 7 dilutions with 6 petri dishes for exposure to the substances and 6 Petri dishes in the same system for clean air control.

A complete dose / response profile can be obtained in one experiment. The bacteria are directly exposed using controlled flow rates of the aerosol.

After exposure, the cultures are further processed to measure the number of revertants.



  • Suitable for Petri dishes (diameter 35 mm)
  • Hyperboloid geometry of inlets for optimized
  • particle deposition and distribution
  • Direct flow control for each inlet
  • Base module compartments made of titanium for maximum durability
  • Autoclavable at 121° C (250° F)
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