Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

VITROCELL® Isokinetic Distribution System

VITROCELL® Isokinetic Distribution System

For Gases, Complex Mixtures and Particles to the inlets of the VITROCELL® modules

VITROCELL® isokinetic distribution systems are universal systems to deliver airborne test substances to the module inlets. The aerosol is guided from the central duct to the modules via isokinetic sampling probes enabling high ­reproducibility and uniformity of ­results. The inlets aspirate directly from the constant flow of test substance. The isokinetic distribution system is made of stainless steel.


  • Distribution from the source of the test substances to the module inlets
  • High reproducibility
  • Optional dilution system
  • Available for VITROCELL® 6 and VITROCELL® 12 series
  • 3- and 4-fold distribution
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