Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

Spiking System

Spiking System

The VITROCELL® Spiking System (VSS) has been specifically designed to provide optimal results when exposing gas mixtures from solvents, gases and vapors.

It is the perfect solution when the required concentrations are not available in cylinders. The gas mixture is produced dynamically by means of a digital syringe pump allowing injections of less than 0.1 μl with high accuracy. The component is introduced into a zero gas.

The programmable heating steps, mass flow controllers and the secondary dilution system allow the production of mixtures in various ppm and ppb concentration ranges.


  • Suitable for solvents, gases and vapors
  • Reliable supply of mixtures in the ppm and ppb range
  • Tailor-made system with calculation program
  • Microprocessor controlled syringe drive for syringes from 10 μl to 140 ml
  • Accuracy of injection within less than 0.1 μl
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