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March 23-25, 2015
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 User Group Meeting

 May 20, 2015
 Invitation for VITROCELL users
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 February 2015
 New video protocol: exposure
 of 3-D cell cultures using
 VITROCELL® 24/48 system
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 September 2014
 Chemistry Central
 New publication demonstrating
 the reliability of VITROCELL®
24/48 exposure system
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 July 2014
 Toxicology in Vitro
 VITROCELL® Smoking Robot
 VC 10 and Exposure System
 show highest reproducibility
 using microbalance technology
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 May 2014
 In vitro Inhalation: 
 New VITROCELL® Automated
 Exposure Station delivered
 to NanoMILE consortium
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 May 2014
 VITROCELL® User Group
 Meeting featuring the new
 Automated Exposure Station
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 March 2014
 NEW on SOT Phoenix
 VITROCELL® Catalogue 04/13
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 VITROCELL® 6/6 Module
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 July 2013
 NEW on
 ICT Seoul
 Exposure System for
 Aerosols with Cloud Dynamics
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 VITROCELL® Aerosolist
 Automated Sampling S
 Aerosol Monitoring
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 March 2013:
 NEW on SOT San Antonio
 VITROCELL® Catalogue 03/13
VITROCELL® 12/4 Module
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 VITROCELL® 24/48 System
 - for 8 doses @ 6 replicates
 - liquid aerosol option
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 Autosampler validated
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 New Dosimetry Software
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 February 2013: 
 New Video VITROCELL® 
 Skin Autosampler >> direct link

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 Scope of Activities: Systems for Inhalation Toxicology and Percutaneous Penetration

 In Vitro Cultivation and Exposure Systems for Inhalation Toxicology

We offer customers from industry and research institutes new culture and exposure systems for in vitro studies of gases or complex mixtures. The VITROCELL® modules offer new possibilities for the characterization of the effects of airborne substances such as:


> Gases 
> Complex mixtures
> Nano particles
> Fibres

Application Areas
- Combustion exhaust
- Cosmetics
- Household chemicals 
- Indoor / outdoor air analysis
- Industrial chemicals
- Pesticides
- Pharmaceuticals
- Tobacco smoke (whole smoke and gas phase)

Direct Exposure Technology 
at the Air / Liquid Interface

Primary cultures and cell lines, e.g. from the respiratory tract, are treated in modules specially designed for direct contact between cells and components of the test atmosphere at the air/liquid interface. 

The advantages:

- No loss
- No solution / no dissolution
- No reaction of constituents with medium

The result: High sensitivity of the system

    Flow principle download (3.3 MB wmv)
 Please visit the System elements section for a typical system flow chart  >> direct link

 VITROCELL®  Cultivation and Exposure Modules

 For cultivation and direct exposure of cells or bacteria. We offer a wide range 
modules engineered for normal to high throughput.
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 Complete Exposure Systems including Aerosol Generators
 Turn-key systems including gas supply and aerosol generators for substances in
 liquid or powder form
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 VC 10® Smoking Machines

 VITROCELL® Smoking Machines are designed to the specific needs in in vitro,
 chemical and medical research.
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 VITROCELL® Equipment for Dose Monitoring

 VITROCELL® Photometers are designed to perform online measurements of 
 the particle mass at very low flow rates without particle losses.

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 VITROCELL® Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) sensors enable to measure the
 particle deposition online in ng/cm2 at a resolution of 10 ng/cm2.
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 In Vitro Exposure Sytems for Tissue / Percutaneous Penetration
 VITROCELL® Skin Exposure Systems
 The VITROCELL® Skin modules are unique alternatives to Franz Cells. 
 They are suitable for the exposure of tissue to liquids and other compounds 
 as well as for the analysis of volatiles. 
 The modules are available in various sizes and configurations. It is in combination
 with the VITROCELL® Skin Autosampler a powerful analysis tool.
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