VITROCELL User Group Meeting

April 15, 2013

A total of 29 scientists from China, Europe, India, Japan and USA followed the invitation of VITROCELL® Systems to the 2013 User Group Meeting.

The event started with presentations of the VITROCELL® universal application platform strategy, the VITROCELL® 24/48 system for exposure of cells at higher throughput and the new dosimetry monitoring software for VITROCELL® Photometers and Crystal Quartz Microbalances.

After a discussion on the VITROCELL® development roadmap international guest speakers from the areas of Health Authorities, Research Institutes, Universities and Industry presented their work and results.

The informal event was an excellent opportunity for experience exchange, feedback for future requirements and meeting fellow researchers.
The next VITROCELL® User Group Meeting will be held in spring 2014. Details will be announced on our website.

Waldkirch, April 20, 2013

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