VITROCELL User Group Meeting 2015

June 2, 2015

The focus of the event was to present new routes for dosimetry, to give an update on VITROCELL’s participation in major European research programs related to nanoparticles as well as the presentation of new products for 2015.

The Highlights were:

  • VITROCELL® Monitor software is an ideal tool for dosimetry as it combines Photometer and Quartz Crystal Microbalance readings. Now the VITROCELL® CO-Analyzer has been integrated in the latest edition.
  • VITROCELL® Cloud is the product group for easy exposure to liquid aerosols. The new Cloud ALI Starter Kit is an ideal tool for research groups which wish to start their work at the air/liquid interface on a proven system.
  • VITROCELL® Sidestream Chamber is a versatile tool to sample and dilute an aerosol stream originating from e. g. combustion processes as well as from sidestream tobacco smoke.
  • VITROCELL® Automated in vitroExposure Stations are now actively used in the HICE and nanoMILE research programs which evaluate health effects from combustion processes and nanoparticles. This system controls automatically all processes required for a successful exposure via a large touch screen: temperature, vacuum flows, humidity and flow rates of the aerosol. Test routines may run fully automated and their process data is stored for further documentation. The integrated deposition enhancement technology by high voltage significantly increases the deposition efficiency.
  • VITROCELL® Automatic button actuator for e-cigarettes. This standalone unit is a practical solution for a time-based button activation. It can be integrated in the VC 10 Smoking Robot and VC 1 Smoking Machine.
  • Another highlight was the presentation of the new VITROCELL® Smoking Robot VC 10 S-Type for combustion and electronic cigarettes. This innovative smoking machine features an improved and heated smoke path, a new lighter concept, automatic button activation and a very fast cleaning cycle in case of product change in less than 10 minutes.

International guest speakers from Research Institutes, Universities and Industry presented their work and results related to VITROCELL® technology.

The informal event was an excellent opportunity for experience exchange, feedback for future requirements and meeting fellow researchers.

The next VITROCELL® User Group Meeting will be held in spring 2016. Details will be announced on our website.

VITROCELL® Cloud ALI Starter Kit

VITROCELL® Sidestream Chamber

VITROCELL® Automated in vitro Exposure Station

VITROCELL® Automatic button actuator for e-cigarettes

VITROCELL® Smoking Robot VC 10 S-Type

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