VITROCELL User Group Meeting

May 20, 2014

International scientists from Europe, Japan, Korea and USA followed the invitation of VITROCELL® Systems to the 2014 User Group Meeting in the Europa-Park Rust, Germany.

The event started with presentations of the new VITROCELL® products for 2014: The compact exposure system VITROCELL® 6/6 and extensions to the VITROCELL® Cloud product group for liquid aerosols. The VITROCELL® Monitor software combines Photometer and Quartz Crystal Microbalance readings. This perfect tool for aerosol dosimetry meets now GLP standards.

The new VITROCELL® automated in vitro exposure system was revealed to the participants. This system controls automatically all processes required for a successful exposure via a large touch screen: temperature, vacuum flows, humidity and flow rates of the aerosol as well as automatic functions tests are monitored and the data is stored for further documentation. The integrated high voltage charging technology significantly increases the deposition efficiency. The VITROCELL® automated exposure system takes part in the prestigious European NanoMILE program for testing of nano particles.

The VITROCELL® development roadmap included a first glance on the development of the VC 10S Smoking Robot which is due for launch later this year. The new smoking machine combines the requirements for combustion cigarettes with the particular specifications for electronic cigarettes.

International guest speakers from the user groups Contract Research Labs (CRO), Regulatory Authorities, Research Institutes, Universities and Industry presented their work and results using VITROCELL® technology.

The informal event was an excellent opportunity for experience exchange, feedback for future requirements and meeting fellow researchers.

The next VITROCELL® User Group Meeting will be held in spring 2015. Details will be announced on our website.

Waldkirch, May 25, 2014

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