March 11, 2018

Patrick Weindl, Oliver Wisser

VITROCELL Systems GmbH, 79183 Waldkirch, Germany

The VITROCELL® Cloud SEQ represents another evolution of the well-known Cloud systems. Keeping functional process parameters according to established devices like the VITROCELL® Cloud 6, 12 or 24 it is meant to enhance those devices even further. lt offers the possibility to sequentially expose rows of inserts to create dose-response curves while keeping the concentration of nebulized liquid at the same level and the cell-cultures under highly comparable conditions.


While the design offers completely new possibilities, it remains with known dimensions and behaviour of the VITROCELL® Cloud 6. Therefore, adaptation to the device by trained users is very fast and easy.
Its main features are:
• 6 doses @ 4 replicates for 24-well sized inserts 

• Usage of well-known and patented Cloud principle 

• Kept as dose as possible to the very-well investigated dimensions of the VITROCELL® Cloud 6 — being marketed for more than 5 years 

• Substance-safe vibrating mesh nebulizer 

• No external air-flow required • Low insert-to-insert variabilities 

• Air Liquid Interface (ALI) cell cultures, representing real conditions way closer than conventional submerged cultures.


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