Toxicological investigation of laser printer emissions – Effects on human cells

July 23, 2010

July 16-23, 2010

Tao Tang, Richard Gminski, Rebecca Kuhn, Mathias Könczöl, Carsten Gründemann, Benedikt Armbruster, Volker Mersch-Sundermann

Institute of Environmental medicine and hospital epidemiology (IUK), University Hospital Freiburg, Breisacher Str. 115b, 79106 Freiburg, Germany


For this poster, human lung epithelial A549 cells and peripheral mononuclear blood cells were exposed to laser printer emissions on transwell inserts in a Vitrocell® airliquid interface exposure system. The results are shown with the WST-1-assay, cell proliferation, MNA, IL-2, IL-10 and IL-12.

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