Aerosol exposure to lung-on-chip with the VITROCELL Cloud Alpha AlveoliX AX12 at 2nd MPS World Summit, June 26-30

July 4, 2023

The “2023 World Summit for Microphysiological Systems” (MPS) had a record attendence with over 1,200 participants from all over the world. The increase from 700 attendees at the 2022 MPS meeting in New Orleans showed the dynamics in this emerging field. 196 speakers reported on their research using organs-on-chip.

The conference started with a very successful Educational Workshop where VITROCELL explained the exposure to the AX12 lung-on-chip with the “Cloud Alpha AlveoliX AX12”.

Clémentine Richter from the “Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland” (HIPS, Saarbrücken/Germany) presented her poster on alveolar inflammation illustrating human drug response using the “Cloud Alpha AlveoliX AX12”.

The exhibition gave an excellent overview on all current technologies. As a conclusion, VITROCELL and AlveoliX have a definite leading position in turnkey lung-on-chip solutions for direct and controlled “Aerosol Exposure at the Air/Liquid Interface”.

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