Photometer Calibration Method

March 11, 2018

Johannes Sood

VITROCELL Systems GmbH, 79183 Waldkirch, Germany

The poster shows a reliable method for the photometer calibration.



A Photometer is a powerful tool to determine particle concentration in a continuous phase. The VITROCELL® Photometer detects the light scattered by particles or droplets passing through its inner channel. The light is detected by a photodiode which delivers a voltage signal. Sensitivity can be set by a potentiometer. The photometers have to be calibrated to get a correlation between signal and concentration or to compare readings among different photometers. Therefore a method must be established that produces a stable and reproducible readout. Methods as solid glass rods or liquid aerosols with large droplets were not very promising because the readout was very variable depending on ambient parameters or time. 


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