On-Line Aerosol Characterization within Exposure Systems Using Soft Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy

September 10, 2017

Sandro Steiner, Shoaib Majeed, Arkadiusz Kuczaj, Julia Hoeng, Stefan Frentzel
Philip Morris International R&D, Philip Morris Products S.A. (part of Philip Morris International group of companies)

Establishment of a setup for sampling and analyzing complex aerosols on-line during exposures with the Vitrocell 24/48 aerosol exposure system.
The poster was presented at Eurotox 2017, http://www.eurotox2017.com

The comprehensive understanding of the biological responses to in vitro aerosol exposures requires knowledge of the chemical composition of the test aerosol. The term test aerosol thereby refers to what gets into direct contact with the biological test system. Since between generation and interaction with a biological test system, an aerosol may be changed due to interactions with the used aerosol exposure system and due to ageing, it is not necessarily the same as the aerosol originally generated. Aerosol characterization in close proximity to the biological test system is therefore required. The challenge thereby is to not disturb the exposure or the biological test system, whilst still reaching a high analytical sensitivity, selectivity and accuracy. We developed a procedure for using a Single Photon Ionization Time of Flight (SPI TOF) Mass Spectrometer (Photonion GmbH, Schwerin, Germany) for the on-line chemical characterization of diluted tobacco product derived aerosols within the Vitrocell 24/48 aerosol exposure system. A physical system setup and procedures for aerosol sampling and the quantification of eight targeted smoke constituents were established and tested.

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