New VITROCELL® Cloud ALI (Air-Liquid Interface) Starter Kit

April 3, 2015

Ready-to-use and economical solution for users starting to expose cell cultures at the air-liquid interface.

The new turnkey system is based on the VITROCELL® Cloud technology with it’s efficient droplet sedimentation principle. It is suitable for the exposure of mammalian cells to liquid aerosols and nano particles which are stable in suspension.

The cells are presented to the aerosol on a membrane insert at the air-liquid interface. The most frequently used inserts can be handled: 6-well, 12-well and 24-well sizes.

The VITROCELL® Cloud ALI (Air-Liquid Interface) Starter Kit is shipped with all required components including the aerosol generator. The heating of the module can be performed by a water circuit. A water bath with integrated pump is available as an option.

VITROCELL® features as well Cloud ALI Starter Kit in the QCM version for researchers which require dose monitoring. This base module has a second compartment to house the microbalance sensor to measure the deposition in ng/cm2. This kit is delivered as a complete set including microbalance sensor, oscillator, software and PC with monitor.

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