New VITROCELL® Automated Exposure Station delivered to NanoMile consortium

May 31, 2014

The NanoMILE project intends to establish a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of nanomaterial interactions with living systems and the environment. It consists of 28 reseach partners. VITROCELL supllies the ALI technology.

The automated exposure station is used to perform the in vitro work at the air/liquid interface. The technology includes microbalance and high voltage charging for deposition enhancement.

The project will identify critical properties (physico-chemical descriptors) that confer the ability to induce harm in biological systems. This is key to allowing these features to be considered in nanomaterial production (“safety by design”).

The overarching objective of NanoMILE is thus to formulate an intelligent and powerful paradigm for the mode(s) of interaction between manufactured Nanomaterials (MNMs) and organisms or the environment to allow the development of a single framework for the classification of nanomaterial safety and the creation of a universally applicable framework for nanosafety.

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