New Products at VITROCELL® User Group Meeting 2023

March 20, 2023

After a long break we finally could meet again – a lot of innovation has happened since our 2019 meeting in Baltimore /USA.

The meeting took place at the Omni Nashville Hotel on 18 March 2023 – prior to the international Society of Toxicology 62th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo (March 19–23, 2023) in Nashville, one of the largest international conferences related to toxicology.

Aim of the event was to share VITROCELL® activities since the last meeting, to exchange latest research results, to give an update on VITROCELL’s participation in major research programs as well as the presentation of new products for 2023.

Highlights were the follwing new products and topics:

  • VC 24/48 PLUS High Throughput System for 48 or 56 compartments:
    7 doses @ 7 replicates plus one clean air control @ 7 replicates.
  • Characterization status of VITROCELL 96 System for HTS plates:
    Up to 11 dilutions with 8 replicates are used for for exposure to test substances and the 12th insert row for clean air control with 8 replicates.
  • Methods for Performance Qualification of Continuous Flow Exposure Systems:
    Presentation of various SOP’s
  • New adaptable size-selective inlet and new adaptable isokinetic sampling system:
    Improving the performance of Automated Stations and Continuous Flow Exposure Systems
  • Preview VITROCELL Cloud Alpha TRIO:
    For exposure of 12- and 24-well sized cell culture inserts in three separated compartments: Testing of up to three dose ranges or three different substances.  
  • VITROCELL PowderX – Performance Qualification status:
    For aerosolisation of small quantities of dry powders (1-100 mg) and particle deposition on cells cultured on 12- or 24-well sized inserts.
  • Improved dosimetry tools:
    Quartz Crystal Microbalance sQCM 12 and Photometer 2.0
  • VITROCELL V-CARE Service Concept:
    Adjustment of Service Level to user requirements

Please see the folder Product News 03-2023 for further information.

The next VITROCELL® User Group Meeting will be held in Nice, France on June 19, 2024 in HYATT REGENCY NICE PALAIS DE LA MEDITERRANEE. Details will be announced on our website.

Waldkirch, March 20, 2023

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