In vitro advances in whole aerosol approaches for e-cigarette testing

February 24, 2020


David Thorne, British American Tobacco


Workshop series to identify, discuss and develop recommendations for the optimal generation and use of in vitro data for product regulation.


• In vitro techniques have to evolve alongside new emerging products
• Can not rely on traditional cigarette smoke testing approaches. These new categories are chemically and physically different and should be treated as such
• Future e-cigarette (&THP) testing should consider the following aspects to ensure appropriate conclusions/interpretation of data:• Aerosol delivery (Dose) • Applied dosimetry approaches to make the data more meaningful (bridging of data) • Contextualisation of data through human consumption and dose extrapolation
• We have demonstrated the evolution of techniques, which has allowed us to bridge between platforms, simplify exposure setup, experimental design and demonstrate e-cigarette technology evolution 


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