Filling the gaps: A lung-on-chip for R&D and preclinical studies

September 7, 2023

G. Raggi1, Lea de Maddalena1, Laurène Froment1, Nicole Albrecher1, Arunima Sengupta2,3, Andreas Hugi1, Léa Todeschini1, Janick D. Stucki1, and Nina Hobi1
1AlveoliX AG, Swiss Organs-on-Chip Innovation, Bern (Switzerland)
2Organs-on-Chip Technologies, ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering, University of Bern (Switzerland)
3 Alexis Technologies AG, Bern (Switzerland)

This poster shows the predictive capabilities of the AXLung-on-chip System for inhalation toxicology studies within physiological conditions, drug safety (TCB) and efficacy testing (NTD) and identification of therapeutic targets (Heme-injury model).

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