Efficient bioactive delivery of aerosolized drugs to human pulmonary epithelial cells cultured at air-liquid interface conditions

April 28, 2014

First published online 28 Apr 2014 (doi: 10.1165/rcmb.2013-0479OC)

Anke-Gabriele Lenz1, Tobias Stoeger1, Daniele Cei2, Martina Schmidmeir1, Nora Pfister1, Gerald Burgstaller1, Bernd Lentner1, Oliver Eickelberg3, Silke Meiners1 and Otmar Schmid1

1 Helmholtz Zentrum München, Institute of Lung Biology and Disease, Comprehensive Pneumology Center, Member of the German Center for Lung Research, Neuherberg/Munich, Germany
2 University of Pisa, Interdepartmental Research Center E.Piaggio”, Faculty of Engineering, Pisa, Italy
3,1 Ludwig-Maximilians-University, University Hospital, Munich, Germany

Introduction of the VITROCELL®-CLOUD (air-liquid interface cell exposure system-cloud) technology, which utilizes principles of cloud motion for fast and quantitative delivery of aerosolized liquid drugs to pulmonary cells cultured under realistic air-liquid interface conditions. These data indicate that the VITROCELL®-CLOUD is a reliable tool for aerosolized drug screening on cells.

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