Assessment of dosimetry and biological responses in vitro using a Vitrocell® smoke exposure system

March 14, 2013

March 10-14, 2013

David Thorne1, Joanne Kilford2, Rebecca Payne2, Jason Adamson1, Ken Scott1, Annette Dalrymple1, Clive Meredith1, Debbie Dillon1

1 Group R&D, British American Tobacco, Southampton, United Kingdom
2 Covance Laboratories Ltd, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom


This poster shows the exposition of whole smoke on Balb/c 3T3-cells for the NRU assay and on Salmonella thyphimurium for the AMES assay by using a Vitrocell® VC 10 Smoking Robot and four quartz crystal microbalances installed into a  Vitrocell® exposure module.

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