An inter-machine comparison of tobacco smoke particle deposition in vitro from six independent smoke exposure systems

October 30, 2014

Volume 28, Issue 7, October 2014, Pages 1320-1328 (doi: 10.1016/j.tiv.2014.06.012)

J. Adamsona, D. Thornea, G. Erringtona, W. Fieldsb, X. Lic, , R. Payned, T. Krebse, A. Dalrymplea, K. Fowlerb, D. Dillona, F. Xiec, , C. Mereditha

a British American Tobacco, Group R&D, Southampton SO15 8TL, UK
b R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., P.O. Box 1487, Winston-Salem, NC 27102, USA
c Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of China National Tobacco Corporation,
No.2 Fengyang Street, High-Tech Zone, Zhengzhou, PR China
d Covance Laboratories Ltd., Otley Road, Harrogate HG3 1PY, UK
e Vitrocell® Systems GmbH, Fabrik Sonntag 3, 79183 Waldkirch, Germany


Comparison of different smoke exposure systems to demonstrate VC 10® suitability for tobacco smoke exposure in vitro. The results are shown in the particle deposition across the modules.

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