Aerosol Exposure at the Air-Liquid Interface of Human Lung Organotypic Cultures using VITROCELL™ Continuous Flow Inhalation System

June 10, 2024

MPS World Summit 2024, June 10 – June 14, Seattle, Washington

Joanne Wallace, Taseef Khalid, Kamil Czuchrowski, Stephen Huish, Iain Crombie, James Baily, Mary C McElroy
Charles River Laboratories, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The development work described here will be used to develop relevant context of use applications based on the ICCVAM framework.
Aerosol application of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) elicited a broadly similar toxicity when compared with liquid application based on TEER and LDH results. However, aerosol exposure at the air-liquid interface negatively impacted ciliary beat frequency and further studies are underway to refine exposure without affecting CBF.

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