A novel dynamic gas mixing system to assess the human lung cells response to BTXE exposure at low levels

August 31, 2011

August 28-31, 2011; Poster #P2056

Sophie ACHARD 1, Mathilde DELAVAL 1, Tobias KREBS 2, Isabelle MOMAS 1, Nathalie SETA 1

1 Laboratory of Public Health and Environment, EA 4064, Paris Descartes University, F-75006 Paris
2 VITROCELL Systems GmbH, Waldkirch, Germany


To set up and validate the use of the Vitrocell® Spiking System (VSS), a novel gas mixing system generating low doses of VOCs, coupled to a system of exposure in air/liquid interface, to estimate the VOCs impact on the inflammatory response of airways cells.

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