A 4D lung multi-culture system mimicking alveolar cellular organization to study the toxic potential of airborne particles

September 30, 2013

September 2013

T. Serchi1,∗,S.G. Klein1,2, A. Jehanno1, S. Legay1, S. Contal1, J. Hennen2, A.C. Gutleb1, L. Hoffmann1 and B. Blömeke2

1 Dept. of Environment and Agro-biotechnologies (EVA), Centre de Recherche Public – Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg.
2 Department of Environmental Toxicology, University Trier, Germany.
*Corresponding author: serchi@lippmann.lu


A multicellular system of different cell types, that is exposed to airborne particles, shows its results in confocal laser scanning experiments.

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