9th China Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry Expo 2015

June 29, 2015

The conference informs – among other topics – about measurement, control and laboratory technology related to environmental pollution emergency monitoring systems and laboratory equipment.

9th-china-guangzhou-international-environmental-protection-industry-expo 2015


With authorized organization of Chinese environmental industry and great support from governmental institutions, CEPEE, China Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry Expo, is the brand event in the environmental field with the most high-quality and most active signatory held in South China once per year. In the theme of “green, innovation and development”, with the main line of brand display and trading cooperation, through orientation of market development, the exhibition makes full use of the policies and economic advantages of Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Regions, and provides the world-class commerce platform for the trade flow, technical communication and resource development in the global environmental and energy-saving industry depending on the opportunities of ten countries in ASEAN.

CEPEE 2015, the 9th China Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry Expo, will be continuously held in Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Fair from August 20, 2015 to August 22, 2015. Depending on the powerful market development potential in South China, abundant foreign merchant resources in Canton Fair and support from worldwide environmental policy, the exhibition positively protects the foresight and leading of the exhibition, and releases information for exhibition and merchant attraction to the world. The exhibition presents 960 booths, covers an area of 19,600 square meters, and invites 46,000 professional spectators, especially focuses on organizing and inviting the domestic professional spectators and foreign purchasers from US, Russia, Germany, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. It also will invite more than 40 terminal users and industry associations for visit. The 9th exhibition comprehensively shows the latest technologies and products related to water, air, solid waste, soil, city environment, low-carbon and energy conservation, and new energy, to provide the best solution for the field of global environment.

Exhibition Scope

  1. Water environment governance: water extraction, sewage/waste water treatment, sludge and residue treatment, gray water recycle, membrane and membrane module, oil and water separation equipment, centrifuges, filter press, aerator, seawater desalination, and other complete sets of water treatment equipments; water supply/drainage and sewage pipe (pump pipe valve); rainwater collection and utilization/flood control, etc;
  2. Air governance/ flue gas purification, waste gas recycling/dust governance technical equipment, thermal power generation ammonia removal technology/desulfurization technology, harmful gas protection, industrial dust-removal and cleanness, dust collection equipment/electric dust removal/ bag dust removal; motor vehicle tail gas governance; indoor air purification, ventilation equipment, cleaning equipment, light catalyst, activated carbon; oil and gas recovery unit;
  3. Solid waste treatment and reclamation: waste collection/classification/compression/transit vehicles and technology, landfill, incineration, biochemical treatment equipment, detection, monitoring technology and products, recycling technology; waste/waste metal/ rubber tyre/ plastic and other renewable machineries and technologies; comprehensive utilization of waste and power generation, comprehensive resources utilization equipments and technologies;
  4. Soil remediation: field survey and appraisal/remediation technical equipment/engineering operation and management/remediation process monitoring and service;
  5. Measurement, control and laboratory technology: radiation, noise, vibration, light and heat monitoring system; environmental pollution emergency monitoring system; laboratory equipment, measurement instruments/apparatus and analytical instruments, etc;
  6. Noise and vibration prevention: noise control system, noise detection device, noise prevention material and processing technology;
  7. Low carbon, energy-saving and new energy: energy-saving and low-carbon products and technologies; solar/wind/water/biomass/geothermal energy/biogas technologies and products, clean energy technologies and equipments;
  8. Environmental service institutions: ecological protection, environment clean/industrial cleaning services, environmental management/assessment, data processing/audit/financing institutions; Analysis laboratories, education and scientific research institutions, etc.
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