11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences (WC11) goes virtual

August 18, 2021

Ground-breaking virtual experience

If you are interested in 3Rs science, you should consider attending the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in Life Sciences (WC11 Maastricht) to catch up with what is happening in the field of 3Rs science.

11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences (WC11)
Presentations from Experts in Different Fields

The WC11 Maastricht will have experts either giving presentations or panel discussions on different things about science. The timetable of events should have an agenda that stipulates what will be discussed in the meeting, who will attend, the main speakers, and other details.

Launch of Ideas

WC11 Maastricht is a good space for scientists to talk about new ideas that they are working on. It will provide a platform for launching the new ideas in the science field or a brainstorming session where scientists talk about the ideas that they are pursuing, and they also call for people to help them strengthen their ideas so that they can better what they have.

Networking Sessions

An important aspect that happens in World Congress is networking and socialising sessions. Some people may be concerned that a virtual event may not allow them to connect with others as they normally would. However, the WC11 Maastricht will have a virtual lounge where you can connect with people from all over the world. Whereas an in-person event allows you to meet someone local, a virtual event will give you the opportunity to meet people that you may never meet otherwise.

Expect to Gain Knowledge

The main reason to the conference –no matter if it’s personal or professional– is to acquire new tools for your tool kit. You’ll hear from multiple speakers who all bring a different perspective to the conference’s core message. Ideally, all of the speakers will say something that prompts you to think differently or ask yourself some better questions. At our Congress, our core obsession is to give you as many ideas, inspiration and insights as we can in the time that we have you.

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