VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha PowerVent

Increase of nebulizations and evacuation of residual gaseous compounds

A typical Cloud exposure allows 3 consecutive nebulizations. The PowerVent option enables an increase of the dose by adding further nebulizations. After each nebulization the humidity is removed by a short venting period before starting the new one. The venting function can be edited in the software. The PowerVent unit is delivered ready-to-use with an integrated vacuum pump.

Phase 1: Emission Of Cloud
Phase 2: Homogeneous Mixing
Phase 3: Gravitational Settling
Phase 4: Venting of Cloud
Phase 5: Additional Emission
Phase 6: Homogeneous Mixing
Phase 7: Gravitational Settling
Phase 8: Venting of Cloud

PowerVent components

HEPA filter for filtered air
HEPA filter
PowerVent Unit
with vacuum pump
PowerVent adapter


  • Available for all Cloud Alpha systems
  • Fast removal of residual ­gaseous compounds
  • Allows > 3 consecutive ­nebulizations
  • Integrated vacuum pump
  • Function can be edited in the software
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VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha PowerVent

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