Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

VITROCELL® 12/6 CF Stainless Steel Exposure Module

For 6 cell culture inserts (12-well size)

VITROCELL® 12/6 CF Stainless Steel for 12-well sized inserts

The VITROCELL® 12/6 CF module system has been specifically designed and engineered to facilitate the research of human cell cultures in direct exposure to airborne substances such as gases, complex mixtures, nanoparticles and fibers. The system authentically simulates the conditions of human physiological exposure.

Normally 3 compartments are used for exposure to the substances and 3 compartments for clean air control. The capacity can be easily increased by adding more modules. Each module can receive a different dose concentration, so that a complete dose / response profile is obtained in one experiment.

The cells are exposed at the air / liquid interface on 6 cell culture inserts using low flow rates of the aerosol. After exposure, the cells are further processed to measure a wide range of endpoints, e. g. cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, proliferation, cellular and oxidative stress as well as inflammation.



  • Suitable for COSTAR®, FALCON® and ThinCert® 12-well sized cell culture inserts
  • For higher troughput
  • Autoclavability of all components
  • Base module made of electropolished stainless steel for extreme durability
  • Base module with water heating base plate
  • Hyperboloid geometry of inlets for optimized particle deposition and distribution
  • Option: Quartz Crystal Microbalance
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